Game of Thrones episode 510 review

#510 – Mother's Mercy

Stannis sacrifice wasn't for nothing. A clear sky allows him to finally march on Winterfell. But it also has its consequences: Queen Selyse suicide, and mens not following him anymore. Even Melissandra starts a depression. But the King is stuborn and faces his destiny. This is the first big spoiler for book 6, the battle is finally won by the Bolton, and Stannis dies in the process, taking the Baratheon name with him. A shame we will not see Stephen Dilane anymore. At Winterfell, just like in the books, Theon and Sansa Poole escape. Not to run onto Stannis obviously, but probably to Brienne and Pod.

At Castle Black, we go backwards in the book events, and Samwell departure for Oldtown. It's safe to say the Winds of Winters storyline will be followed closely in season 6, where all the Tarly family is going to be cast.

Backward too for Arya, who returns in full force. Her Winds of Winter "Mercy" chapter is somehow happening with Ser Meryl Trant. Gore!
This doesn't please the kindly man, and she gets poisonned and blind.

In Dorne, an unforseen scene. Myrcella loose more than a hand or a ear to the Sand revenge. What will happen to the Martell father and son? At least Bronn survived this season, I wasn't expecting this at all. Hope to see the new Lord Stockworth in 2016! Not much Otah and Doran, though.

Meereen plot have a nice scene too with the fellowship of the Queen. Team Tyrion, Missandrei and Grey Worm will try to rule Meereen, soon enough surprisingly joined by Varys (I'm anticipating those ones, maybe with Euron-Victarion too?). Daario and Jorah will try to get to Daenerys in her new khalasar, whatever the position she gets there. I expect Daario's fate with the khalasar will be the same as his current book situation.

Finally, two main events to cloture the season.

In Kingslanding, Cersei has her great scene with the walk of shame. A shame indeed, she used a bodysuit and a body double to shoot. Broken at the end before the eyes of her uncle Kevan, the new Hand of the King, and Grand Mester Pycelle, the very good Qyburn helps her with their new friend of the Kingsguard, Ser Robert Strong. I hope him too will be a highlight next year.

And to everyone shock, we come back one last time on the Wall, where the hero Jon Snow, without his Ghost, face great desillusions.
Will Davos and Melissandra help somehow? No way to say for sure what GRR Martin, and/or D&D have in mind. Kit Harrington may appear anyway in the episode 601 cast, just like Tywin this year, to show his body. But with the great secret surrounding his conception, the popular fan theory will remain popular until further notice, next year, on book or TV.


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