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Cats of Halloween


Written by Jackano on Sunday October 13, 2019
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A few Breath of the Wild shortcomings

Three months after, and hopefully shortly before the DLC gets released, let's see what were the weaker elements in Breath of the Wild. Nothing deal-breaking, but now the hype has cooled down, we can talk about them and see how Zelda can improve in the next "open-air" iterations.

Note to self: I'll try to make shorter than usual...

Written by Jackano on Sunday June 11, 2017
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Why the Nintendo Switch launch line-up is disappointing

A few hours after the grand reveal of the Nintendo Switch, it seems the general concensus is geared toward disappointement, and I certainly am disappointed. Not surprised, but still disappointed. For the last couple weeks, I researched about all recent Nintendo launch line-ups, and while Switch one is inline with what Nintendo produced for Wii, 3DS and Wii U, it appears pretty weak. Let's try to see this in details.

To be clear, I will only be talking about retail, first-party titles. After all, no one can't expect a digital-only, or a third party title, to drive a new Nintendo hardware sales. That will be Nintendo's job.

Written by Jackano on Friday January 13, 2017
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Ideas for a Game of Thrones spin-off

In two years the show will likely be over, whenever or not GRR Martin tells the TV show-runners D&D the true ending he is planning. Giving the show success, HBO may want more, and the idea of a spin-off is already rumored. Let's make a first list of possibilities.

Written by Jackano on Thursday June 18, 2015
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Game of Thrones episode 510 review

Episode 510 "Mother's Mercy". The season final, and also merely close all book material available at the moment!

Written by Jackano on Wednesday June 17, 2015
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