Facebook forced page and pages merge process

In a recent plot twist, my main facebook account, used to gather "friends" to follow my present and future online activities, has been forced by facebook to be converted into a proper page... Which I already created a while ago. Forced means I couldn't login at all but to the converting form. At least now the former 500~ish friends now like my page, who nevertheless has seen many content erased.

Following this, I used the fb feature to merge the previous page, as well as another one (I wish). Results: It barely works.
The first page I wanted to merge actually worked, after disabling Adblock. A chance I looked into the console log to see what was going wrong, as Adblock disable advanced facebook developers features by default.
The second page (a french speaking one) I wanted to merge just won't. Facebook doesn't give any explanation, just a plain 500 error on its side. I just had to say goodbye to a tiny 60~ french fans.

After that many adventure, the next battle plan should look like:

- Do another fake account, gather more "friends";
- Use another fake accounts to report the former one as a disguised page;
- Convert friends to likes;
- ????
- Profit!


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